The characters of this story are  not my own.  Just like every fan fic writer, I just wanted to continue the love story of the protagonists of one of my  favorite shows – Be Careful With My Heart.

Richard rolled over to the other side of the bed. His eyes still closed, he automatically reached for his wife but his hands only felt the empty pillow and sheet where she should have been. He opened his eyes. He noted her stroller leaning against its usual place by the wall. Her bag was on the table. She’s here, he thought, and put on his glasses to read the time.

“Maya…,” he called out, getting up. He walked over to their bathroom, knocked once, and opened it. “Sweetheart….?” he peeped inside. Where could she be?

Thinking that she was with the twins, he went to their room first, but found them both sleeping peacefully on their own beds. He went to Abby and Nikki’s room next and they too were sleeping peacefully. He pulled their blanket higher over them, smoothed Abby’s hair and gave a sigh. He was eager to see Maya. They had not seen each other for more than a week. He was still trying to adjust, juggling his time between LAS and LAI. At the same time, a lot of Time Airways FA’s came down with the flu and Maya had to fill in when she can, including on her days off. Her schedules were so erratic that they could not catch each other at home, with him leaving before she arrives, or the other way around. Of course, they communicated thru calls and text and tried to spend as much time with the kids as they can, but he missed holding her, not to mention kissing her.

There was only one other place where she could be and true enough, he found her in their own special corner of the house, the place where they spend their you-and-me time, sitting on her chair, staring off into space.

“Sweetheart!” Richard called eagerly, his arms already outstretched, engulfing Maya in a big tight hug as soon as she stood up and turned around. He closed his eyes, savoring her scent, her nearness, the feel of her body. He turned his head and gave a soft kiss at the crook of her neck. Maya hugged him tightly back. They stayed that way for a while.

“Miss na miss kita, alam mo ba?” Maya whispered. She felt Richard’s smile. She could not believe how much she missed him. She remembered the time when she just started regional flights. They were also both so busy then, but at least they still saw each other, even if one of them may already be asleep. This time was different. She missed his hugs, their coffee dates, their goodnight and goodbye kisses…and simply just touching him. They haven’t done any of that for more than a week, when just a day of not seeing each other was like forever. She pulled back a little so she could bury her face on her husband’s chest. She inhaled her husband’s scent deeply. She wanted to melt into him.

Richard’s eyes rounded with surprise when he felt Maya lift his shirt from the back and start to caress his skin. “Sweetheart….?” he asked wonderingly.

Maya suddenly stopped and turned her face up to him. “Sweetheart, sorry, ha? Sobrang na-miss lang talaga kita, eh. Hindi kita ginising kanina pagdating dahil alam kong pagod ka. Ayaw ko din naman na ano…,” she blushed, “istorbohin ka. Hindi pa ako inaantok kaya ako lumabas. Kanina pa nga kita gustong yakapin, eh, ” she said, and buried her heated face in his chest again.

Richard realized what his wife really wanted and a wave of sweetness washed over him. Rarely does his wife make the first move. He loosened his hold so he could cup her face but Maya beat him to it. She pulled his face down to her and pressed her lips to his. She shyly touched her tongue to his still unopened lips and when he finally did open them, plunged eagerly to explore his mouth. The kiss was hot and intense. When they broke apart for some much needed air, Maya rained little kisses on his neck.

Richard laughed softly. “Sweetheart….,” he held Maya’s head and gave her a quick kiss. “Sweetheart, as much as I don’t want to stop, we have to,” Maya’s face fell and he laughed again, “until we reach our bedroom. Baka nakakalimutan mo kung nasaan tayo.”

Maya looked around sheepishly. “Oo nga, no?” She covered her face in embarrassment. “Nakakahiya, baka biglang lumabas ang mga bata. Ikaw kasi, eh!”

“O, anong ako? Ikaw itong sabik na sabik sa akin, tapos mahihiya-hiya ka. Dapat pala paminsan-minsan, hindi tayo magkita ng mga isang linggo. Ganito ka pala pag sobra mo akong ma-miss,” he wiggled his eyebrows.

“EEhhh, sweetheart naman e, ayoko na nga!” She started to walk away, pretending to be miffed, but he pulled her back.

“Hey, where are you going? Hindi ka pa tapos sa akin.”

“Hmp! Wag na lang. Nahihiya na nga ako, e…”

He suddenly scooped her up.

“Sweetheart!” Maya gasped in surprise and kilig. She likes it when her husband carries her like this. They were both suppressing their giggles as he brought her to their room. He gently lowered her to the floor but kept his arms around her. “I missed you too, so much, Mrs. Lim.”

She turned to him. “Talaga?”

“Hmmmmm…..,” he looked at her meaningfully. “I believe you have unfinished business with me, sweetheart. Kung hindi mo itutuloy, magtatampo ako,” Richard pursed his lips for his signature frown.

Maya chuckled, “ikaw naman, tampo agad?” She slipped her hands inside his shirt again and rubbed circles on his tummy.

Richard gave a child-like giggle. “Nakikiliti ako.”

“Wala pa yan sa mga gagawin ko sa’yo, Mr. Lim,” she warned in a sexy whisper.

“I don’t want to be kept waiting, Mrs. Lim,” he drawled back.

They gazed at each other, love and longing shining from their eyes, then Maya smiled seductively and pushed her husband slowly down the bed.


11 thoughts on “Missing

  1. esa garcia elg280895 says:

    Hello…OK nman ang story, light na may kiligan… And sweet of them…trully nice… Looking forward for next R&M fanfic.


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