Hello! Thanks to those who took the time to read my first story and to those who liked it. Here’s another I just finished. I had a hard time writing this, and had to refer to several of my romance books just to get ideas, but i also wanted to try something outside my comfort zone. Hope you’ll like it too.

Richard glanced anxiously at his watch for the nth time. Maya had called more than two hours ago saying that she would be home in a short while and that she would just be playing this one last game that her friends thought up at the last minute. Knowing that she rarely had time for her friends from work, he agreed, even telling her to enjoy and not to worry about the kids, as he had already checked Abby’s homework, saw that Nikki got home on time, and tucked the twins in bed. Even Luke, who had said that he would be a little late, had arrived. Now he was pacing their living room, debating on wether to call her or not. He did not want Maya’s friends thinking that she had to report to him every hour, and he trusted Emman to bring her safely home. Even so… he sighed. He was already missing his wife. The rusty sound of the gate opening had him eagerly rushing outside. Emman and Maya were at the bottom of the steps leading to the front door. They seemed to be arguing. Emman was trying to put his arm around Maya, while she was fending it off.

“Sweetheart!” he called, already bounding down the stairs.

Maya looked up. “Shweeetheeaartt!” She gave an enthusiastic wave and smiled up at her husband. She turned to Emman. “Shnabi ko naman sha’yo, Emman, kaya ko na ‘to. Andyan na naman si shweeetheart, e.”

“Maya, you’re drunk!” Richard said when he reached them. He tried to keep his voice even. Emman glanced apologetically at him.

“Naku, pareng chief Ricky, sorry talaga. Consequence kasi sa game ang tumagay ng gin. Eto namang si roomie, nadala yata sa kantyawan ng mga kasama namin, go na go, ayaw magpaawat. Sumuka na nga yan kanina, e,” he explained.

Richard held up his hand. “It’s ok, Emman. I’ll see you out?”

Emman quickly shook his head. “Wag na, pareng chief Ricky, asikasuhin mo na lang si roomie.”

“I’ll just lock the gate.” He held Maya by the elbows. “Can you still stand?”

Maya tossed her head. “Kayang-kaya ko pa shweetheart.” She gave him a big smile and a thumbs-up. Richard pursed his lips but said nothing. She was standing, swaying slightly, when he returned. He quietly picked her up and carried her all the way to their bedroom.
Maya knew that her husband was angry, but instead of feeling meek and sorry, she actually felt like laughing. Her big, goofy smile never left her face even as Richard laid her on the bed, took off her shoes, went to the bathroom, and emerged with a small towel and bowl of warm water. He placed them on the low table beside the bed, took off her watch and started to unbutton her blouse.

“Hihihi…,” Maya started giggling.

“What’s so funny?” Richard growled. He was trying to keep his temper in check.

“Déjà vooo, shweetheart. Nangyari na kashi ang ganito, pero ikaw yung tipshy, hihihi,” she giggled again.”

“Right! I was just tipsy at that time, Maya. You, on the other hand, are really drunk!”

“Hep, hep,” Maya wagged a finger clumsily at her husband, “wag kang majaya, shweetheart. Natatandaan ko na. Tinawag nga pala kitang Mr. Tipshy. Eh, di ba, mag-ashawa tayo? Kung ikaw, Mr. Tipshy lang, dapat ako, Mrs. Tipshy lang. Kung ako, Mrs. Drunk, aba, dapat ikaw, Mr. Drunk. Patash lagi di ba?”

Richard gave a sigh. Reprimanding his wife was pointless. He understood. He finished unbuttoning her blouse, then started to pat-rub her neck gently with the damp towel. She raised a hand to caress his face.

He pulled back, surprise sharpening his voice. “Maya!”

She pouted. “Alam mo, hindi na ako shanay na tawagin mo akong Maya. Feeling ko para akong nasha prinshipal’s offish. Shige, kung ayaw mo akong tawaging Mrs. Tipshy, marami pa naman tayong choicessss. Puede mo din naman akong tawaging Mrs. Buko, o di kaya, Mrs. Biko. Bet ko din ang Mrs. Chico, hihihi…,” her goofy smile was back.

Inspite of himself, Richard’s lips twitched. How can he stay mad when his wife was being cute? “Ok, Mrs. Buko,” he said, deciding to humor her, “stay still para mapunasan kita.” His hand lowered to the area above her bra and continued to pat-rub there. Maya reached out to touch his arm.

“Mr. Buuukooo….,” she wiggled her eyebrows. There was a naughty glint in her eye.

“What?” Wary tone.

She held his arm as she struggled to sit up. “What are you doing?” Richard grabbed her elbows to support her.

“Ikaw naman, feel ko lang na akapin ka.” She launched herself into his arms, the forceful movement toppling him backward towards the foot of the bed. “Hmmmm, ang bango-bango mo talaga, Mr. Buko.” She buried her nose at the crook of his neck, inhaled deeply, then sniff-kissed her way down to his chest.


“Uh-uh, ayan ka nanaman Mr. Buko, e, prinshipal’s offish pa rin ako? Nakakainish ka na, ha!” She gave him a little bite on his collar bone.

“Ahh!!!” He gasped out, more in surprise than in pain. “Mrs. Buko!”

“Ay, shorry, Mr. Buko, nanggigil lang po,” she licked the part she bit then sucked on it.

“Ma-Mrs. Buko, what are you doing?” Richard was holding her head, uncertain wether to push her away or press her to continue.

Maya raised herself up a little. “What doesh it look like I’m doing, Mr. Biko? I’m shedushing you.” She moved to straddle his torso.

Richard gave a little grunt at her weight. “Mrs. Biko, you are not in the right condition to be doing this.” He tried to gently lift her by the waist.

“Mr. Biko, ganitong-ganito din ang ginawa mo shakin nung tipshy ka. I’m jush returning the favor.” She ran her fingers through his hair, then slid them to stroke his upper arms. “Ang kishig-kishig mo naman.”

“Ma-Mrs. Biko…,” Richard’s hands had not left his wife’s waist. He was touching her bare skin through her open blouse. He could see the sexy curves of her breasts above her bra.

“He-llooo,” Maya bent to give his nipples a lick each through his thin cotton shirt.

He almost bounced off the bed. “Ay!!! Ma-MRS. BIKO!”

“Hihihi, shorry, nakakagigil ka kashi, Mr. Chico.” She started to lift his shirt.

“Mrs. Chico….,”

“Yan, ganyan nga, wala na ako sa prinshipal’s offish, ha?” Maya was clumsily trying to get the shirt past his his chest.

“Pag sinabi kong wala na, will you stop?” He was doing a tug-of war with her for his shirt.

She impishly shook her head. “Ayokooo paaa…” She let go of his shirt and placed her hands on his bare chest, massaging them.

Richard knew he was fighting a losing battle. Still, he tried to be stern. “That’s enough. Let’s freshen you up first. Punasan muna kita para mas magaan ang pakiramdam mo…,”

Maya leaned down to kiss his ear then trace the outline of it with her tongue, “we can…uh..continue..uh…later…,” he could not think straight.

“Iba ang gagawin ko shayo later…,” She suddenly swooped to claim his mouth, making loud smooching noises as she kissed him again and again. He stopped thinking. This was a different side to his usually conservative wife. It always turned him on when she makes the first move and this time was no exception, drunk or not. He cupped her face, wanting more. “Uhmm…mmmm,” She left his lips then moved to the side of his jaw, pressing a soft kiss there, before continuing down to his neck, again giving him little licks, bites, and sucks. His hands tangled in her hair, pressing her closer.

“Ahhh…haha…MI…SIS…CHI…CO,” Richard panted, half laughing. Maya was caressing his tummy, tickling him. Her hands moved lower…..



Richard entered bearing a tray with two steaming cups of coffee. “Good morning, Mrs. Tipsy!”

Maya, who had just come from the bathroom, covered her face in embarrassment. “Sweetheart naman, e.” She peeked between her fingers before completely lowering her hands. “Sorry,” she said contritely.

“It’s ok, sweetheart. I understand.”

She gave a sheepish smile. “Déjà vu talaga no? Dinalhan din kita ng kape nung umagang pagkatapos mong malasing.”

“I thought we agreed na pareho lang tayong tipsy?”

Maya smothered a laugh. “Ganun ba? Ok, Mr. Tipsy.”

Richard had placed the tray on the table and was looking at her, arms crossed, a teasing grin on his lips.

“O, baket?”

“Nung na-tipsy ba ako, did we…stop… in the middle of our…activity?”

“Ha?!” Maya’s face reddened as she recalled that time. “At bakit mo naman naitanong yan?”

Richard raised a brow. “Iba kasi ang nangyari kagabi.”


Last night


Her hands moved lower. Just when he thought she would do that which he knew she was going to do, they stopped. Instead, they detoured to wrap around his waist as she lay her cheek on his chest. Baffled, he waited what she would do next. He felt his wife’s weight settle on him and a moment later, she gave a soft snore. Maya had fallen asleep! Just. Like. That. And there he was, hot, ready…and frustrated! He groaned aloud….


Back to present….


He was still looking at her. Maya only had a vague recollection of last night. All she knew was that Emman had taken her home and that Richard was mad at her when he had carried her to their bedroom. Beyond that….she scratched her head. What did happen?

Richard was laughing softly as he walked the few steps separating them. He reached for the belt of her robe. “Hoy, ssssttt, at anong binabalak mo, Mr. Lim?” Maya’s heart pounded when she realized what her husband had in mind.

“Eh ano pa nga ba? Binitin mo ako kagabi, Mrs. Biko, I mean, Mrs. Buko…or would you prefer, Mrs. Chico?” He grinned wickedly at his wife’s confused expression. He started to untie the ribbon.

“Ha?!” She exclaimed, her gaze falling on the hickeys on his neck. “Hala, ano ‘tong mga ito?” She lifted a finger to touch them. “Saan mo nakuha ‘tong mga ‘to?”

“They’re hickeys sweetheart. Sino lang ba ang magbibigay sa akin ng mga yan?”

Maya was looking at him with an incredulous expression. “Ha?! Ricky, wag kang mag-imbento.”

“Hindi ako nag-iimbento, sweetheart.” He suddenly realized that his wife has probably never seen a hickey. He wiggled his eyebrows. “Gusto mo bang bigyan din kita?” he was already lowering her robe.

Maya’s eyes widened as she tried to dodge his hands. “Ricky, ha, ang aga-aga. Ano ba talagang nangyari kagabi?”

“Iku-kwento ko sa’yo mamaya,” he winked. The robe fell to the floor.

“Gusto kong malaman, ngayon na!” She demanded.

Richard shook his head with a knowing smile. “No more delays, sweetheart.” He stooped to lift her up.

“Ricky…,” Maya giggled, “bitiwan mo nga ako, baka kumatok ang mga bata.”

“Hindi yan.” He laid her gently on the bed then followed, pulling her close. He nuzzled her neck.

“Hihihi, sweetheart, nakikiliti ako. Ano ba? Baka kailangan na tayo ng kambal. Sweet-”
He gave her a gentle bite, then sucked deeply.
“Aaahhyy…Sweeetheart,” Maya clutched her husband’s shoulder. Richard was laughing softly. “Ricky, ha, ano bang ginagawa mo? Itigil na natin to-.” He cut her off with a kiss.

The coffee was forgotten.


11 thoughts on “Tipsy

  1. kakalokang Maya, ganda ms. writer napapawi kahit paano ang pagkamiss sa real show dahil sa plot na ito, sino ba naman ang makakalimot sa “Buko” at “Chico” na yan hehehe


  2. ayeth says:

    haha..sana laging tipsy si Mrs.Buko, este biko…este chico…cute naman ng ‘imgination’ mo Titayayabells…could it turn ‘wild’ sa next chapter?..hehe..thanks again for sharing your story…


  3. nakakatuwa… nakakadala hahahaha…pero still….BITIN with all capital letters hahahhahaha…thank you titayayabells…hope u write more…pero sana yung me naughty part na…wag mo na kaming bitinin hahahhaha!! God bless!!


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